[Digikam-devel] Favorable reviwe of digiKam in German c't magazine

Rainer Krienke rainerk at krienke.org
Sun Jun 24 17:23:27 BST 2007

Am Sonntag, 24. Juni 2007 schrieb Gilles Caulier:

> I'm not German guy, and i don't under article... But i think there is a
> error :
> Article10.jpg ==> BildBearbeitung/Tonen/sepia ==> of course digiKam support
> Sepia conversion thrue editor...

You are right this is an error. Probably they missed this feature. However 
they concluded that anyone who wants to work with digital photos under linux 
should use digikam, its the best. Their second choice is the wine emulation 
of picasa, and next come the gnome applications gthumb and F-Spot.

What they criticised was the search for similar photos. They missed a way to 
compare photos where you click on a photo and say "search for similar ones". 
Another point was the video export function. They say that digikam  does not 
use the "freeze image" format for this purpose, which results according to 
c't in videos with low resolution photos in it.

What they like were especially the dialogs for correting photos with the 
different preview choices as well as the tools for auto correction of photos 
and the OpenGL photo presentation module. Othe good points where the search 
function and the good support for EXIV and IPTC.   

When I first klicked on your mail my mailer got stuck for about 30sec. I first 
thought something was wrong (I access my mail via a 2MBit DSL line). I think 
it would have been better to store the article-jpg's somewhere on a web 
server and to mail only a link to them. This way mail access is faster.

Have a nice day
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