[Digikam-devel] Odp: XMP metadata and GPS support

Mikael Lammentausta mikael.lammentausta at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 18:19:00 BST 2007

Hello all, Andreas.

We discussed about this subject on #digikam earlier today with C.Gilles and
Hubert, the creator of exempi (see the link below). It seems that the Adobe
XMP SDK has some problems (not trivial) that Hubert has fixed in exempi.

We all agreed that using the exempi API with Exiv2 would be preferred over
the Adobe API. Unless the Exiv2 devs would like to replicate the work done
on exempi to achieve full GPL library. exempi is released under the LGPL.
Adobe's library is released under the BSD license.

The best solution so far seems to be to write make the Exiv2 API and the
exempi API to work together. How does this sound to you?


2007/6/19, Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com>:
> 2007/6/19, MikoĊ‚aj Machowski <mikmach at wp.pl>:
> >
> > Metadata support is done through Exiv2 library. XMP support should be
> > done there and it will be available in Digikam.
> >
> There is a file in Exiv2 bugzilla about this XMP support :
> http://dev.robotbattle.com/bugs/view.php?id=463
> To add XMP support to digiKam, Exiv2 must be improved.
> I recommend you to :
> 1/ Contact Andreas Huggel who is Exiv2 author to review the plan of XMP
> support.
> 2/ Look links given in the Exiv2 bugzzila file like source of inspiration.
> 3/ Start to work to Exiv2 with me and Andreas about XMP (yes, i'm Exiv2
> developper too (:=)))
> Exiv2 is the low level library to acess on metatada. digiKam and
> kipi-plugins do not use Exiv2 directly but an high level and common
> interface to simplify metadata management : libkexiv2. Source code is in
> kdeextragear/libs. I'm the author of this ibrary with Marcel. Andreas has
> give tips and help to make it. So to support XMP in digiKam and
> kipi-plugins, this lib need to be patched of course.
> digiKam need a new tab in Metadata sidebar about XMP. It a new widget to
> do in digiKam core. For this one, i can do it, it will be easy.
> digiKam metadatahub class need to be patched too to support XMP about
> metadata management. Like this class have be written by Marcel, He will
> certainly make a patch for that (:=)))
> and finally, the kipi-plugin MetadataEdit need to be improved to support
> XMP.
> To be sync everywhere i recommend to be registered to Exiv2 and
> digiKam-devel and kde-imaging mailling list
> I think than the most important job to do is in Exiv2. Like Exiv2 is a low
> level interface, in libkexiv2, we need certainly add support of XMP::XML
> schema used by others photo management program like from Adobe and M$. But
> for this point, we will talking about with Andreas.
> Andreas is in this room if i remember. He CC him to be sure...
> XMP support for Exiv2 and digiKam is very important for the future. This
> is an high priority task (:=)))
> Thanks in advance for your help
> Gilles
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