[Digikam-devel] Future plans : 0.9.2-final and KDE4 port...

Fabien fabien.ubuntu at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 11:07:45 BST 2007

Hi Gilles and everybody,

Gilles Caulier wrote:
> See below the future digiKam plans :
> [...]

Don't you think it's time to use a new version numbering schema ?

I think digiKam has reached its stability point.
For most people, when you see a 0.9.x version, it means the software is 
quite close to a stable 1.0 version.
Using version 0.10 let digiKam looks as an immature software that lacks 
reliability and features. And I definitively think it's not the case !

Creating a 1.0 version would put digiKam under spotlight and that would 
be great...
I also think it's important to clearly separate kde3 versions and kde4 

This is why I make the following proposal :

- create a 1.0.0 for the next digiKam version (instead of 0.9.2)
0.9.3 would be 1.0.1

- use 2.0 for kde4 port

> ------------------------------------
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> This is the future : the famous KDE4/Qt4/CMake port....
> How many time will take KDE4 port ?
> Good question : this depand of free time available. There are some 
> scripts to use to simplify task, but personally i don't like script 
> source code converters (:=))). The code can be completly unreadable and 
> this is not the better way to learn the new API.
> I think we can plan to have a full port of digiKam for september (2007 
> of course)...

As an end user, I think it's too early to migrate to KDE4. I think it 
would have been better to do that in around 6 months...
Personaly, I won't migrate to KDE4 before at least 1 year. I'm also 
curious to see when distributions will put KDE4 by default. I guess it's 
better to have kde4 desktop with some kde3 softs than the contrary, but 
maybe I'm wrong ?

But, I fully understand that developpers are willing to migrate very 
soon :) And you, developpers, work hard enough to choose whenever to 
want to use new kde4, so I won't complain :)


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