[Digikam-devel] holidays time...

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Fri Jul 27 15:09:53 BST 2007

> Hi all,
> It's holidays time for me. I will offline during 3 weeks until 20 august.
> After a fast and intensive job to port digiKAm to KDE4. I need to be
> disconnected of the world during this period : no computer, no internet, no
> tv, no phone.
> Only me, my familly, and my camera...

I wish you a very nice time!
I will try that digikam on KDE4 has less bugs when you return ;-)

Yesterday on IRC we missed by a few minutes unfortunately. But I think nothing 
is really urgent to talk about.
I will go and read something about nepomuk/strigi apps, the latest mail from 
Sebastian TrĂ¼g is a better proposal for a smooth transition (for all others 
on the list: current suggestion is that digikam provides all data to nepomuk, 
but that the internal db is not replaced, and we will toy with it, get 
acquainted and see what it can do)
Anyway, top priority is the KDE4 port. Features can come after all is settled 


> To photographers : digiKam splashscreen request is open :
> http://www.digikam.org/?q=node/249
> ... it's time to turn on your camera (:=)))...
> Regards
> Gilles Caulier

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