[Digikam-devel] rfe: show age depending on age,

Achim Bohnet ach at mpe.mpg.de
Fri Jul 20 13:12:11 BST 2007

On Wednesday, 18. July 2007, cedric briner wrote:
> Hello,
> I was thinking about a feature to add to digikam.
> What if Digikam shows the age of a person (a wedding...) on the picture 
> depending on a tag or depending of a folder. Like for eg. we add the 
> metadata saying that he/she is born in 1/1/200 on the tag "joe" or on 
> the folder "alice". And then digikam can caculate the age by 
> substracting the birthday to the date on the image contained in the exif.
> Sound's really cool !!
> Imagine this particular scenario (which could happen to anyone soon :) )
>    you just become a new father, and since that time you are taking too 
> many pictures of your son/daughter.
>    And then when you rewatch them, you realize that you already forgot 
> how old he/she was at that time (God damn, how is it possible to forgot 
> such thing :) ).
>  From there you can imagine:
> you ask Digikam to find all the pictures of "Joe" and ask it to show it 
> in a age fashion.
>    Something that have to be think is how people would like them to be
>    classified in the time. Because, don't forget that usually person,
>    have a view of life where the milestone are small when the person is
>    young..
>     at the beginning you give the age by day ( up to one week)
>     0 , 1, 2..7 day
>     then by week (I think up to 6 month)
>     1, 2, 3.. ~30
>     then by month (up to 24)
>     6,7,8..24
>     then by half year (...)
>     and then by year (...)
> Thanks for your reading, and tell me your impressions.

While not exactly what you're looking for, 

	o select date view
	o filter on name-of-kid

should give you pictures of our kid(s) grouped
by month.

Only problem (IMHO) is that 'empty' folders
listed too.  This makes date view quite
painful for rare tags.

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