[Digikam-devel] RFC: The breakage of the year, our libraries

Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Sun Dec 30 13:58:10 GMT 2007

following the thread 
We've found a strange digikam behaviour, it shows the libraries it needed
at compile time, at least the ones we, as kipi team, release.

That could be easily solved by adding a static method to our libraries
returning the version.
I made two patches (libkexiv2 and libkdcraw) with a possible implementation,
I'd prefer to remove old version.h, but we could leave it and take that
value instead.

I haven't done one for libkipi, since i'm not a real libkipi hacker and
I'm not sure where to put the method... 

Anyway that means breaking all the binary compatibility... so i'd prefer
to have feedbacks before doing something.
Breaking libkipi though can give us a chance to add some new methods (if
any are somewhere into your mind ;) )

Another libkipi issue, i've worked on is about
(that gets me annoyed :/), I've implemented it and now the folder is selected,
but it seems has a wrong side effect in digikam (gwenview is not affected),
double clicking on new folder/album allows digikam to show new imported picture,
while my patch doesn't, i should have missed something and i need help here.
Gilles i'd like to talk about this patch with you, other ones are attached here instead.

Waiting for comments,
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