[Digikam-devel] dcraw 8.81 is out...

Gerhard Kulzer gerhardkgmx at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 08:15:09 GMT 2007

Am Friday 14 December 2007 schrieb Gilles Caulier:
> Hi all,
> dcraw 8.81 is out since few days. This is the changelog :
> > Support the Panasonic DMC-L10, added the "-W" option.

svn is updated in KDE3 and trunk to 8.81 :-)

> >From souce code, the new -W option description is :
> "-W : Don't automatically brighten the image"
> ... and from the man page :
> "-W  : Use a fixed white level, ignoring the image histogram."
> Of course this is to reproduce the same scheme in 8 bits than in 16 bits
> color depth.
> ... And this is not yet what we need, the inverse in fact : au white level
> + gamma in 16 bits (:=)))...
> It will be urgent to contact Dave Coffin about this subject. What do you
> think about ?

Totally agree. This issue has been an off-putter for many users, it shows up 
frequently in the ML. 

> Gerhard, Angelo,

Question: who does it. I could volunteer Gilles, but you have more authority 
as the main developer, and you had already contact with him.
> Like digiKam 0.9.3 is planed for Christmas, it will be nice to have a new
> little release of libkdcraw about dcraw decoder update.
> Since last stable release, dcraw have been already updated with several
> improvoment and new recent camera supports.
> Of course, we can include this last 8.81 release in libkdcraw, if all work
> fine of course. regressive tests are require...
done OK
> What do you think about ?
> Gilles

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