[Digikam-devel] Usage of metadata editor dialog

Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Thu Nov 23 21:17:33 GMT 2006

> 3. Expand Comments dialog into Common metadata dialog, in this dialog
>    would be fields:
>    - Comments
>    - Creation time
>    - Digitization time
>    - Copyright
>    - Artist (Exif) / Credit (IPTC) <- not really identical but IMO close
>      enough
>    - Image description (Exif) / Object name (IPTC) <- as above
About the above options, I believe there are some wishes on bugzilla,
Gilles can you check it if you add those opions?

> 4. In Common dialog also add possibility to writing of fields as in
>    XnView.
I believe any improvements that add user friendly and
useful options  are always welcome.
> In this way Digikam will cover all two dimensional metadata editing (1st
> dimension is batch editing, 2nd is writing across various metadata
> systems).
Kipi plugins are not used by digikam only, but finding them into digikam
and into your preferred image viewer as well (maybe a day, also in konqi with a 
context menu) make them vary familiar and perfectly integrated with the 
system, I believe  

> RFC.
I'm sorry I can't talk about that a lot in these days, hope to have more time
next month.

> ps2. I should really learn C++ and do some things myself...
hmm, that's always a good idea, we always keep an open door for new 
helping people :)


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