[Digikam-devel] Usage of metadata editor dialog

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Wed Nov 22 22:04:43 GMT 2006

Dnia śro lis 22 2006, Mikolaj Machowski napisał:

I will comment on my own e-mail since Gilles replied very laconically.

> Dnia wto lis 21 2006, Gilles Caulier napisał:
> > Mikolaj,
> >
> > Accordinly with BUG #136260, i have add 2 new options (commit #
> > 606713) to sync IPTC Creation Date and Date hosted by digiKam database
> > with the Exif Create Date.
> I cannot test it because of not compiling. Only thinking here.

Thanks, it works now.

> > Pending 4 important questions :
> >
> > 1/ Like Exif Edit Dialog, is this necessary to have the same rule with
> > IPTC edit dialog to sync EXIF/JFIF/digiKam comments with IPTC caption
> > tag ?
> That was my suggestion in one of previous posts.

Gilles implemented that (Thank You :) and now I have mixed feelings. 

My proposition:

1. Remove all syncing options from main Exif/IPTC dialogs.
2. Add possibility for batch writing of fields as in XnView (3 options).
3. Expand Comments dialog into Common metadata dialog, in this dialog
   would be fields:

   - Comments
   - Creation time
   - Digitization time
   - Copyright
   - Artist (Exif) / Credit (IPTC) <- not really identical but IMO close
   - Image description (Exif) / Object name (IPTC) <- as above

   Only in this dialog you could sync between standards of metadata.

4. In Common dialog also add possibility to writing of fields as in

In this way Digikam will cover all two dimensional metadata editing (1st
dimension is batch editing, 2nd is writing across various metadata

Also put Common editing as first choice in submenu.

TIA for comments. ;)


ps. I thought that date syncing will be applied also for file time stamp
    not only Digikam internals.
ps2. I should really learn C++ and do some things myself...

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