[Digikam-devel] toolbar actions

ord o.r-d at laposte.net
Fri Jun 16 14:22:52 BST 2006

looking at the image preview patch made me realize that there is a UI 
clash on the main toolbar :
The album actions should not be on the main toolbar. Now that we have 
many ways of navigating our images (dates, tags) there is no reason to 
have those album actions always visible. Maybe they should be part of 
the album sidebars. (ex, why having an album properties button when 
looking at pictures by dates ?)

And since I was looking at the main toolbar here are some other comments 
to start the discussion :
next image and prev image actions should be on the main toolbar and not 
only on the properties sidebar.
I am not sure the icons for "go to last" and "go to first" are 
necessary. having the shortcuts available is probably good but I think 
the buttons are confusing and that people(me for example :-) ) hit them 
often by mistake.
I doubt that the "zoom in" , "zoom out" actions are much used. They 
should be available for people wanting them but not as default. I think 
it is more  of a settings than something you change 10 times a day. I 
know many kde applications have them but it doesn't mean it is a good idea.
The slideshow action should be on the main toolbar when the kipi plugin 
is installed, this is probably one of the most used actions in digikam.
The rotate right 90 and rotate left 90 degrees from kipi should also be 
  on the main toolbar. I think it makes sense in a usability point of 
view and it would avoid many mails on digikam.user from people looking 
for the loseless rotation :-)


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