[Digikam-devel] [Bug 88932] add service menus functionality

ord o.r-d at laposte.net
Mon Jun 12 15:25:46 BST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From o.r-d laposte net  2006-06-12 16:25 -------
>If someone is able to write his own script (or even ImageMagick
>oneliner) he will be perfectly able to "mess with the desktop files".
As someone pointed out on the mailing list this is not because someone is able to write scripts that he can/"has time"/wants to edit desktop files.  

>Also using whole .desktop file features will make possible to share
>those scripts. 
That is why .desktop files in the background might be the technical solution. But in my opinion it is not something to present to all users.
People cannot be expert in everything. Writting "create_album.pl %s" in a field is not the same as having to read documentation about "service menu"

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