[Digikam-devel] Possibly dangerous bug in 0.9.0-beta1

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Mon Jul 31 21:19:42 BST 2006

> I think there still exists a problem with this, but not for every picture,
> but for every time you launch Digikam. After I used Digikam for a while and
> downloaded some pictures and run ipcs -m I have these new entries:
> 0x00000000 8585218    klaus     600        262144     0
> 0x00000000 1736707    klaus     666        461280     0
> I started Digikam again and after viewing some pics and closing it there is
> this new entry after the others:
> 0x00000000 9895941    klaus     600        262144     0
> and once more starting Digikam viewing pictures and closing again there is
> one more entry in ipcs -m:
> 0x00000000 10878982   klaus     600        262144     0
> Not sure if this is related I have unfortunately not so much clue about
> this kind of things. :(

Yes, this comes from the thumbnail loader ioslave. It is fixed on my local 
machine and in beta1-r1 but not yet in svn because I have some other changes 
in that file.

> But I also realized a problem today with downloaded pictures that get
> autorotated. The preview picture in the albums is correct. Do I open the
> autorotated picture I only see the first few lines, the rest is just
> gray. "Open with..." kuickshow, gimp, showFoto shows the pictures correct.
> After I close Digikam and start it again also in Digikam the pictures are
> shown correct. Seems that there is somewhere a cache that is not refreshed
> after the autorotate?

That is strange.
Please create a new report in b.k.o. for this.


> Regards,
> Klaus

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