[Digikam-devel] ,image preview

Olivier o.r-d at laposte.net
Fri Jul 14 20:51:03 BST 2006

I tested digikam svn 0,9 and I see that when switching to the next preview I
get a blinking "preview extration in progress". I do not think that it is a
good idea. The blinking effect attract the attention to the exact thing you
do not want the user to feel : it takes time ...
The best implementation I have seen yet. is the one in eofg or showfoto with
a progress bar, if is not pssible I would suggest writing the "preview
extraction in progress " under or over the image instead of taking the
image away.

Concerning the "back to album" and edit". Why not... but what do you think
of putting them as a toolbar on the top left as icon or ttext ? it would be
more consistent with the rest of the interface (prev and next are at the
top left in the properties sidebar and the toolbars are on the top too )


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