[Digikam-devel] digikamimageplugins translations

Achim Bohnet ach at mpe.mpg.de
Wed Jul 5 21:54:50 BST 2006

On Wednesday 05 July 2006 04:30, you wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Mikael,

thx for you work on fi digikam* translations!
I'm not a developer and currently a bit short of
time.  So send to digikam-devel ML to answer the
stuff I've no glue about.

Please keep Mikael on the recipient list.

> I'm localizing digiKam + plugins to Finnish and I'd like to get
> digiKam and some plugins into the 0.8-final release. We will be 
> merging them into the stable branch before 15 July.

My hope was to build 0.8.2 (stable) tarball next Monday (10 July)
and 0.9-beta1 (trunk) 17 July.  Do you think you're able to merge
stable until 10th?

> However, I'm having trouble with getting some of my localizations 
> to work. I have installed the latest svn versions of both digikam 
> + plugins, and my po files are from the l10n trunk. I have no 
> problems with digikam.po and the individual plugin translations, 
> just the desktop_* files.     
> I have msgfmt'd and copied both 'desktop_extragear-graphics_digikamimageplugins.po'
> and 'desktop_extragear-graphics_digikam.po' into my locale path, but still I can't 
> get the plugin names (Name= and Comment= fields) to translate under the settings/plugins 
> list. Do I need to rename these files somehow - or do I need to restart KDE for them to
> load?    
> Another thing concerning the translations. There's a 'ImagePlugin_' prefix on all
> Name tags, is it required or can I leave it off? Should I mention that this item 
> is a digiKam plugin in the Comment field? Can (are) these plugins be used somewhere 
> else, like is the case with Kipi-plugins. 

No, digikam imageplugins are only used by digikam and showfoto (both in digikam svn/tarball)

> Regards,
> Mikael

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