[Digikam-devel] Creating 0.9.0 branch ?

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Fri Nov 18 19:08:16 CET 2005

Op vrijdag 18 november 2005 07:37, schreef Gilles Caulier:
> > I do not see any relation between your two computers, the two projects
> > you are working
> There is just one project : digikam.

I meant changes in showfoto and dimage.

> Excepted for i18n. What's the rules about .po files updating using branch
> instead trunk for stable release ?

branch/stable is equally treated as trunk.

> I'm sure that trunk is linked to i18n area using ato script. What the goal
> for branches about ? If you push stable to a branch, i18n will not be
> broken ?

Im not sure what you mean, translators should work in branch untill we stop 
0.8.x series, copy po over to trunk and translate 0.9.x 

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