[Digikam-devel] Lost some tags after upgrade to 0.8

Klaus Weidenbach Klaus.Weidenbach at gmx.net
Sun Jul 17 18:24:56 CEST 2005


I have upgraded digiKam from an april-CVS version to today's SVN version. It 
worked fine, except one problem. ;) One subtree in the Tags got lost during 
the update and so many tags from the pictures have also disappeared.

Here is the console output from the first start:
bash-3.00$ digikam
digikam: No locale found in database
digikam: Locale found in configfile
digikam: Successfully upgraded database to sqlite3
Checking database consistency
Checking Albums..................(238 Albums) OK
Checking Tags....................(216 Tags) OK
Checking Images..................(1237 Images) OK
Checking ImageTags...............(11033 ImageTags) OK
Checking Album icons ...............(238 Album Icons) OK
Checking Tag icons ...............(216 Tag Icons) OK

All Tests: A-OK
digikam: ScanLib: Finding non-existing Albums: 951 ms
digikam: ScanLib: Finding items not in the database or disk: 256783 ms
digikam: ScanLib: Updating items without date: 212504 ms
digikam: Removing: j4100081.jpg in 168
digikam: Removing: j4100084.jpg in 168
digikam: Removing: img_0544.jpg in 25
digikam: Removing: img_0568.jpg in 25
digikam: WARNING: Failed to find parent tag for tag Kvelder with pid 29
digikam: WARNING: Failed to find parent tag for tag Band og Studio konsert 
with pid 29
digikam: WARNING: Failed to find parent tag for tag Høstfest with pid 33
digikam: WARNING: Failed to find parent tag for tag Julekveld with pid 189
digikam: WARNING: Failed to find parent tag for tag Snåsa with pid 196
digikam: WARNING: Failed to find parent tag for tag Lekedag with pid 210

The Tag structure should have been something like: NFHS-->Events-->0304 and 
NFHS-->Events-->0405 and under these should be the tags in a deeper structure 
that I got the warnings about during the upgrade. In 0.8 I see only 
NFHS-->Events and nothing under it anymore. :(

I have backups from the database and also my old CVS build packages for 
Slackware, so that I should be able to reproduce and trying to help finding 
why it got lost. You have some ideas where I could start searching for it? :) 
What information do you need?

Also three more comments about 0.8svn trunk. Is it possible to show where 
digiKam expects these pictures to be that it wants to delete from the 
database at the first startup? I used find in my digiKam directory, but some 
filenames are double and I am unsure which one it means an others I couldn't 
The new Date view is really nice, but is there a way to switch between EXIF 
date and last change date? Actually I wish it would order them with the EXIF 
date and not the lastchange date.
The advanced search gets too wide for my screen to fit, because of some too 
long tag names I guess.

Thank you very much!


take care!

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