[Digikam-devel] digikam 0.7.4 tarballs split

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Fri Jul 15 09:33:18 CEST 2005

Op donderdag 14 juli 2005 23:02, schreef Caulier Gilles:
> Hum, no. The .po files are updated by scriptly. All  messages are extracted
> from original index.docbook (in English)

Ok, to be clear about this subject:
Docbooks get converted to pot files, that serves as a template to be 
translated and will be committed as a po in the right language dir, whenever 
all the pots of an app are translated, you can create a new docbook.
docbook->pot files = scripty
keeping the pot files in sync with the translated po-files = scripty
building the new docbook files from translated po-files = manually.

> The translated index.docbook are generated manually by main translator team
> coordinator just before the final release date of KDE. 

The dutch team and most other teams, do not do this for extragear 
applications, as everyone knows they are on another release schedule. I can 
not imagen the France people work differently, it would be plain stupid to do 

> This is done 
> _manually_ because there are always any problem to generate final docbook
> files from .po files. 


> Generally docbook are badly translated and XML 
> synthax is broken by translators (translators aren't programmers).

And kbabel is not always very clever. 

> > And you are saying this is
> > done only at KDE official release time.
> yes, and sometimes after because handbooks creation is always a long task.
> Sometimes the handbooks unavailable for a final KDE release are only
> finalized at the next KDE release.

No way, as said above.

> > according to the last commit by
> > coolo in the following directory, the problem might have been fixed.
> > http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/l10n/pt_BR/docs/extragear-graphics/digikam/
> > "our translation files are now indepedent on KDE releases and named
> > localization..."

This commit from coolo was to move from i18n folder to l10n and bring it out 
of the KDE subdirectory. 

I've not followed the tread, nor inspected the tarbals on this but:
- a docmessages (containing the .po's for documentation) does not need to be 
shipped within the tarbal.
- no doc folders need to be shipped in the tarball if they not contain a 
'index.docbook'. They are unusable. 


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