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Roger Pixley skreech2 at
Tue Nov 22 22:23:17 UTC 2011

I got a write up from the Bangarang lead dev. It's pretty casual. Just
posting it here to see if anyone has any feedback

It has been lots of fun improving Bangarang touch support for Plasma
One. It involves much more than just making the clickable elements
bigger.  Several interaction choices had to be revisited.  For
example, Bangarang makes extensive use of mouse-hover to convey
information.  With no mouse-hover in a touch interface, some functions
had to be modified (touch video to show/hide controls instead of
hover) or disabled (editing in the info view).  In Plasma Active,
Bangarang always uses the full screen (except for the Plasma bar at
the top).  So drag and drop support between other applications and
Bangarang could be sacrificed to support flickable scrolling in the
playlist and media list views. Lots of similar updates are made to
support touch, all without sacrificing the desktop experience (command
line switch).

Beyond touch support, I've been working really hard to improve
keyboard navigation and shortcuts support (geez, this is hard!).
Also, adding ownCloud support was surprisingly easy since it was just
a matter of creating a new ListEngine that parsed ampache xml data.
In fact, developing remote/online InfoFetchers and ListEngines have
become quite easy - just need the url api and the xml format.

Fixing paper-cuts is the current focus(resizing video in fullscreen
mode, unsightly genre codes, recursive add media from drag and dropped
folder and more). I could certainly use some help from anyone willing
to contribute. :-)
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