writing a feature article?

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Mon Nov 14 23:19:11 UTC 2011

Been working on it a little

Got a write up for Plasma Active. Is it a little too jargony? I think
anyone following the Commit Digest would probably already know what most of
this is but I would be linking out to the various elements like Mer, ARM,
The tablets, QML and Nepomuk. I have some other ones in the pipeline but I
seem to have chosen the interesting projects so there is a lack of time for

I was thinking of some other older projects but not sure if they would be
related to the commit digest. Possibly Alkimia? Give me some feedback

 On 9 October 2011 the Plasma Active project had its first release, dubbed
Plasma Active One, targeting towards tablet devices: a complete KDE
software stack with a touch friendly UI on top of MeeGo 1.2 and
Since the release many improvements have been made, alongside the whole
In cooperation with the Mer project the whole stack is ported on this
community based mobile operating system as well, in both i586 and ARM
Speaking of ARM, Plasma Active on Mer was successfully installed and ran on
variegated devices such as the BeagleBoard, The Advent Vega tablet and the
Nokia N950.
On the code side, Plasma active recently gained a new set of bindings that
provide data models to easily use Nepomuk, with a simple way to define
complex queries to the semantic database right from QML, visualizing the
results from standard item views such as the ListView, GridView and
PathView standard elements, as this simple example shows, where we want all
the images, with a rating of at least 3.

import QtQuick 1.1
import org.kde.metadatamodels 0.1

ListView {
    model: MetadataModel {
        resourceType: "nfo:Image"
        minimumRating: 3
    delegate: Text {text: label}

A special place is for the new series of QML UI components, that will
instead benefit not only Plasma Active but KDE Plasma Desktop 4.8 as well.
There is now a set of QML based graphical widgets, themed with the Plasma
SVG engine that shares the same API on the desktop and on Plasma Active,
even though the look and the behavior is different on the two systems
adapting to the different input methods (mouse vs touchscreen) and the
different screen resolution and pixel density.
If you want to know more or get involved in the Plasma Active project you
can write to the active at kde.org mailing list or get hold of us in the
#active IRC channel on freenode.

On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 7:46 PM, Vladislav Blanton <vblanton at gmail.com>wrote:

> Dear team,
> It has been a while since we have had a feature article. Would someone
> like to write one up, throw a few graphics in there, and make it happen?
> Also, a fresh idea brainstorm for important and interesting topics would be
> good as well. As I think about it, having access to the "feature" section
> of the digest is quite special. The writing doesn't have to be a news-item
> or announcement, and can interrogate and expand our understanding of the
> kde web and where it is going and could go.
> Vlad
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