hello world & Digest # 160 is near-ready

Vladislav Blanton vblanton at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 04:38:07 CET 2011

Hello all,

I don't think I have properly introduced myself, so here goes: I am a 23
year student of Anthropology in the U.S. and a long-time user of KDE (nearly
a decade now), having begun with slackware and KDE 3.something. I helped out
a bit with kde-promo, desiging some things for akademy a few years back but
have since done little else than submit bug reports from time to time.
Though i expect to be pretty busy this upcoming year, I figured that
busyness doesn't really end and it was time to get more involved in KDE in
some way... and so, thanks to Danny and everyone else stepped up to help
with the digests, this is becoming a reality!

Alright, so I decided to check out the new Digests interface and it is
really easy to use. Great work Danny.

I've gone ahead and slimmed down Digest #160 from over 400 commits to 193
and added stuff to the synopsis as I worked. It took about half an hour, not
bad. So, it is close to being ready. Could someone go ahead and finish up
the synopsis?

glad to be helping out,

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