D15412: [filters] Extend table lifetime

Jarosław Staniek noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Sep 13 09:52:43 BST 2018

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  Thanks, lots of other people also touched this code but I tried this time to review :) I propose to separate the string literal changes.
  Also I wonder why there's "Context not available." error in this review, was the patch delivered using arc tools?


> MsooXmlDrawingReaderTableImpl.h:58
> -    m_table = new KoTable;
> -

This changes life time

> MsooXmlDrawingReaderTableMethods.h:40
> -    KoTable* m_table;
> +    ScopeKoTable m_table = ScopeKoTable(new KoTable);
>      QString m_currentTableName;

This is declaration-only header, so better no, otherwise allocation of a new KoTable is added to all places we include the header, e.g. also PptxXmlSlideReader and in the future.

> KoTable.h:112
> +typedef QSharedPointer<KoTable> ScopeKoTable;
> +

Good idea, can work but I would propose to more consistent naming, e.g. like from KOSTYLE_DECLARE_SHARED_POINTER:

typedef QSharedPointer<KoTable> Ptr;

(inside of KoTable decl)

> DocxXmlDocumentReader.cpp:5446
> -    KoTable table;
> -    m_table = &table;


> DocxXmlDocumentReader.cpp:6082
> +                ScopeKoTable currentTable = m_table;
> +                m_table = ScopeKoTable(new KoTable);
>                  int currentRow =  m_currentTableRowNumber;

Isn't this change in logic?

> DocxXmlDocumentReader.h:258
> -    KoTable* m_table;
> +    ScopeKoTable m_table = ScopeKoTable(new KoTable);
>      QString m_currentTableStyleName;

No code in declaration-only headers please, implementation may be moved to "HERE1" below. This way you won't need the extra #include here too.

  R8 Calligra


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