Calligra on Windows: QtDBus

Taco H. in den Bosch taco at
Tue May 8 09:00:35 UTC 2012

Hi everybody,

I am trying to build Calligra Words on Windows. This is mostly working, 
except that a number of important classes (prominently KoDocument) depend 
on the QtDBus component which is not provided on windows (at least not in 
the version 4.8.1 of Qt that I am using).

There is a Windows build of calligra, maintained by KO GmbH 
(, so they must have found a way around this. Can anybody 
tell me how this is done? I see no facility in the source code to remove 
the dependency on QtDBus, so I imagine that they in some way make this 
component available in Windows. I have found a couple of references on the 
internet about doing this, but it seems incomplete and not very 

Any pointers in the right direction are appreciated.

With kind regards,
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