2.4 release schedule

Cyrille Berger Skott cberger at cberger.net
Wed Jun 22 08:27:41 BST 2011


I am proposing the following release schedule:

July 13th             -> soft-freeze, all features need to be noted down in
                               the feature plan
August 31th       -> hard freeze, no more features in master
September 7th   -> beta1 is tagged, master is branched into "futurestable",
                               and master get open again for new features, and
                               "futurestable" is the branch were bug fixes for
                               2.4 need to go
September 14th -> beta1 is released
September 30th -> beta2 is tagged
October 5th        -> beta2 is released
October 12th      -> String freeze, any changes to a string in futurestable
                               needs to be discussed with the translation
                               teams (except for typo that are bug fix and you
                               only need to ping the translation teams)
October 21th      -> beta3 is tagged
October 26th      -> beta3 is released
November 18th   -> RC1 is tagged, "futurestable" is closed, and merged in
November 23th   -> RC1 is released

Hopefully, three weeks later 2.4 is out. I realize that it makes a final 
release in December, much later than what we had hoped. However, I think a 
three beta cycle is much more realistic to achieve the level of polish we want 
for this release.

Any thoughts, comments, objections ?

Cyrille Berger Skott

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