Merge request of new tool docker

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at
Tue Jan 4 21:20:58 CET 2011

> Hi,
This is the first time I can look at a calligra feature I helped shape from 
the early concept stage, so it's exciting to see it in action and discuss it 

> Found three other issues:
> * if you close the tool docker, there is no way to get it back (short of
> restarting the application)

This definitely needs to be fixed. There should be a menu entry to show it 

> * if there is only one tool widget, it should not show the lock/tab button,
> and only show tool options, no group widget

Sounds like a good idea.

> * File > close --> you get a "tool docker"
> I am a bit uncovinced by the so call "tool bar docker", I understand the
> idea, but then I would suggest to not give the choice to the user and to
> always have it, make it movable and use a single line.
> Right now it feels unnatural.

I agree. It should behave as much like other dockers as possible. Especially 
making it movable would be important for users who want to save vertical space 
and put it with other dockers next to the document. 
As for the number of lines: Couldn't it be made like the tools docker (i.e. it 
arranges the icons depending on the amount of horizontal/vertical space 
Having it occupy two lines even when spread out over the whole width isn't 
good, that's for sure.
Making it work like a normal docker would allow for maximum layout 
flexibility, which would be great.


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