Review Request: Explicitly accept mouse event on canvas level to prevent move window around

Yue Liu opuspace at
Mon Dec 12 10:42:40 UTC 2011

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Review request for Calligra.


In oxygen and bespin widget style, drag any part of the window will move window around, but our user may accidently do that on canvas by mistake or when a shape is locked, so we should explicitly accept mouse press event to prevent a drag event sent to parent widget.


  braindump/src/Canvas.cpp 92b34de 
  karbon/ui/widgets/KarbonCanvas.cpp 172662c 
  krita/ui/canvas/kis_canvas_widget_base.cpp 04395ff 
  libs/kopageapp/KoPACanvas.cpp 7b8fb83 
  words/part/KWCanvas.cpp 7561b4f 



No problem found but dragging on the gray region in Words, don't know how to fix that.


Yue Liu

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