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  Finding duplicates is a hard task for me.
  I use two ways to do this task, depending on how good your memory is.
* Do a first read of all the bugs summaries for a product. (in case you
have good memory). (or can print them in paper)
  Probably you will see more than one summary about the same problem, or
related to a single functionality.  Then you have to read the comments one
by one to be totally sure they are about the same bug, then you can mark
them as duplicated.
* Use bugzilla find tool to search for a word in the summary or comments
that probably is unique to a kind of bug.

In any case, you must ask Mamarok as she knows what you should do. I you
can not reach her in #kde-bugs, try in #amarok.

Good luck, Best Regards and Welcome to KDE.

2011/11/21 Aakash Raj Dahal <aakashrajdahal at gmail.com>

> Respected Sir/Madam,
> I am really sorry to send an email to the mailing list regarding my
> participation for the Google Code In. First of all let me introduce myself.
> I am Aakash Raj Dahal, from Nepal and I have claimed the bug traiging task
> in Google Code In. I was asked to ping Mamarok in #kde-bugs (byt the google
> code in page) but I got no response. Please let me know about the
> instructions for the task. Please note that I have gone through the
> documentation
> http://techbase.kde.org/Contribute/Bugsquad/Guide_To_BugTriagingmentioned in the task page. Please help me by guiding me.
> Thank You,
> Aakash Raj Dahal
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