[Bugsquad] Re: Next bug triaging: a full week after the beta 1 release?

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Wed Nov 24 20:42:37 CET 2010

On Wednesday 24 November 2010 17:57:44 FiNeX wrote:
> In data mercoledì 24 novembre 2010 11:31:42, Anne-Marie Mahfouf ha scritto:
> > So how do we get this in motion? The beta should be released today
> Time is running out... if you agree I can prepare the techbase page and set
> up the batches.
That would be great, thanks!
> I need to know how many bugs per batch (5? 8? 10? 20?).
10 is bit too much I think as soem reports are not very easy to 
understand/reproduce. I would say 5 or 8, what do others think? I prefer not 
discouraging people ;)
> About the version it is quite difficult to catch only bugs reported against
> KDE 4.5 or major because the "version" field on bugzilla is not coherent
> with the KDE version... eventually it could be safe enough to filter out
> all reported bugs after a specific date...
> What do you think about?
> P.S: I suggest to invite people from other ML otherwise we'll be only two
> or three people like the last bug day... :-/
We'll have a Dot article and I hope the curiosity against the new beta will 
prevail and attract contributors.
We also need to make developers aware of this so they also contribute and help 
(I already made some fix some bugs I found...)


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