[Bugsquad] CampKDE

zahl+kde at transbay.net zahl+kde at transbay.net
Mon Jan 12 20:59:47 CET 2009

Oh yes! KMail! I forgot about that one. I suspect that maybe I should be ready
with a few different options, depending on what level of people we get showing

And yes, Aaron's post is actually something I volunteered to toss onto 
userbase. Maybe we can get better bug reports out if we give that a little 

And I love it! Two seconds after I post, Med goes and adds bugs to my brand-new

I'm not sure who is active right now that is good with javascript, but if we do
have someone who is or wants to pretend/learn, you will earn large amounts of
gratitude if you can reduce any of the site-bugs on that list into test-cases.
I quote: "those things can take days of work just to reduce"

So if you've seen any that are currently lost in bugzilla, put them on there. 
And if you want to start making one, perhaps mark that you're working on it so
we don't duplicate effort. I suspect that the denizens of #khtml will be happy
to help.

thanks all

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