[Bugsquad] Long range planning (and Seli background)

FiNeX finex at finex.org
Mon May 19 11:36:55 CEST 2008

Il 19/5/2008 alle 11:14, ha scritto:
> > In short what I'm advocating here is for us to get active in asking
> > the various kde projects (perhaps post to some central mailing
> > list...) what their bugzilla policies are. Make it widely known we
> > want this info and let the devs tell us. This project has proven its
> > value on Konq, so I don't think devs will mind taking the time to
> > detail this to us.
> Yeah, what would that mailing list be? kde-devel? kde-core-devel is just
> libraries, I think? Or do we just corner on irc/email all lead devs?

The way is not important, the target is important... if IRC, ML or classic 
email will not be enough, we'll pay SWAT to break-in in developers home and 
force them to tell us the best way to help with triaging :-)

Seriously, when a new bug day is planned, the simple thing to do is send an 
email to the lead developer or to the developers team (which surely have a 

This shouldn't be a problem anyway.

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