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Wed Feb 25 11:45:50 UTC 2009

Hi ,
I have been working on the idea of an automatic playlist generator .
Basically what it does is
Get the metadata from the music file.Then using API it will get the
list of similar songs , artist , genre .
Now this set would be compared to other files in your
(filesystem/folder/playlist) so
for song A ,B:
Artist_Similarity_score(A,B)=length of (set_Artist_similar(A) interjection
set_Artist_similar(B)set_Artist_similar(A) union set_Artist_similar(B))
These scores are clustered by eucledian distance.
The problem with this is that it is relatively  slow but i was thinking if
it can be in some manner tweaked and used as scoring system for Amarok . I
would like to do that as a gsoc project.
Also I have seen a few ideas at and i
would like to query about them :
1.Project: Analyzer Support mentor Ian Monroe
Although I do not have exactly the required experience i have worked  with
pymedia <> and Snack toolkit.
<>and also used the FFT library in python .I
have no experience working in C++ but i use python in object oriented way
and have learned C++ in school. I would like to know the basic idea of how
the project needs to be implemented and the major tools that one should be
acquainted with to see if i can implement it.

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