lyrics stopped working after update to 1.4.3

J Sloan joe at
Fri Sep 22 22:56:54 UTC 2006


I'm hoping to find some answer to the problem I am having with amarok
after updating it.

I am running suse 10.1 and had been happily using the amarok-1.3.8 that
came with the distro, and worked perfectly in every respect. I updated
to the 1.4.3 version from guru's repository, and while it is very slick
looking, there is a problem, in that the lyrics are no longer fetched,
as they were with the 1.3.8 version.

The first time I clicked on the lyrics pane I got a message to the
effect that there were no scripts running. I configured the script
manager to run the included Lyrc script, but no lyrics appeared. I
downloaded most of the other available lyrics fetching scripts to try
and find something which would actually display the lyrics, and each of
the downloaded scripts would do one of two things: either it has no
discernible effect (no lyrics), or it dies saying only that it "exited
with error code 1" -

Is this a known bug, or am I missing something really basic here?


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