sort of a feature request (perhaps not here?)

Paulo Vinícius Vitto Ruthes paulo.ruthes at
Fri Sep 22 21:48:52 UTC 2006

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I've been using amarok for quite sometime now and gotta say 1.4.3 really is a 
piece of diamond. What I think would be interesting (at the very least) is a 
scheme for multiple information in tags (as in id3 and so on).

Take for example a song "singing song song a lot" (I hope this doesn't 
exist -- it's a really lame name) performed by artist "super singer". If I 
have more songs from super singer they'll all be gathered together in 

Imagine now I have a second song called "whining whine whine a lot" performed 
by "awful singer FEATURING super singer". Although super singer isn't the 
main singer in the song it'd be nice to have the second song listed in super 
singer's collection too.

I know it's very troublesome since it'd be some sort of tagging only in 
amarok, but aren't covers somewhat similar to this?

Well, perhaps it comes down to "Custom Tags" what I'm trying to say. It adds a 
lot of flexibility (and complexity of course) to the collection. It could be 
more like tagging (as in Web2.0-hyper-omg-it-shines!) the songs with the 

Sorry if this isn't a good place to talk about features I'd like to see but 
don't cooperate much. It sure would be more interesting if I were proposing 
_how_ to do it.

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