Amarok 2 Mockup

Martin Aumueller aumuell at
Thu Sep 14 10:18:14 UTC 2006

On Thu September 14 2006 11:32, Sander Zwier wrote:
> On Thursday 14 September 2006 11:27, Seb Ruiz wrote:
> > I actually find this one of the most useful features of the collection
> > browser - I love the way i can quickly see the tracks i just added to
> > the collection, or within the last week.
> I agree, I use it a lot. OTOH I would be just as happy if this were
> implemented as a "google-style" filter e.g.
> added:today
> added:week
> added:month
> Or something like that.

I agree: this, together with a graphical filter editor and the ability to save 
and recall these filters should be more generic and sufficient.

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