Amarok 2 Mockup

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Thu Sep 14 10:11:02 UTC 2006

Seb Ruiz wrote:
> Well, this brings up one of the biggest issues that we have in Amarok
> atm - discoverability.  The google filter has poor usability as well,
> and adding criteria won't help.
> I think the discoverability of some features needs to be reviewed as
> we progress through the port.

Very true. The classic "Tips" dialog boxes that many apps ship with are
rarely useful (how often do you immediately tick the "don't show tips at
startup" box then never look at them again)?

I think use of passive popups should be used more with better options
for not displaying annoying tips.

e.g. when my cursor goes to the search filter, I wouldn't be annoyed if
a tooltip appeared that showed me all the syntax that was accepted.
Perhaps after a second or two of inactivity so that if I'm a "power
user" it wont show but for people just having a play it will pop up and
give them nice unobtrusive hints.


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