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Ljubomir Simin ljubomir.simin at
Wed Sep 13 22:30:40 UTC 2006

On Thursday 14 September 2006 00:14, Max Howell wrote:
> I was struck by some inspiration of late, so I made a mockup, which is
> somewhat a culmination of mine, and other people's ideas at k3m and things.
> May I suggest, view the mockup fullscreen so my colour scheme doesn't
> clash with yours. Kuickshow can do this if you push Enter.
> In a way I regret the web-2.0-esque toolbar as it detracts from the main
> point, which is the narrow playlist design so that the context browser
> can become central and key.
> Personally, I like the web-2.0-esque toolbar as it looks cool and
> differentiates, but tellingly, my gf hated it, so maybe I did it wrong
> or am just delusional.
> The playlist contains some single tracks, and also a whole album that is
> "wrapped up". I envisage that you can somehow extract the tracks from it
> if you want to rearrange the order. You would get albums into the
> playlist by dragging and dropping the whole album. My thinking was that
> streams would also be "wrapped up", and streams would be
> displayed slightly differently too. We needn't have a philosophy that
> everything is a 'track' with Amarok 2.
> The context browser is straight from the player, don't read too
> much into the layout, I haven't mocked that up, all that matters is the
> context browser is now always visible and not a browser.
> Anyway, it'd be good to get feedback, and it would be even better if the
>   feedback contained reasoning for your opinion etc. Thanks,
> No comments on my music taste please ;)
> Max
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Is top-right filter field meant to filter the playlist? Cause it's not so 
clear right now.

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