Amarok 2 Mockup

Max Howell max.howell at
Wed Sep 13 22:14:47 UTC 2006

I was struck by some inspiration of late, so I made a mockup, which is 
somewhat a culmination of mine, and other people's ideas at k3m and things.

May I suggest, view the mockup fullscreen so my colour scheme doesn't 
clash with yours. Kuickshow can do this if you push Enter.

In a way I regret the web-2.0-esque toolbar as it detracts from the main 
point, which is the narrow playlist design so that the context browser 
can become central and key.

Personally, I like the web-2.0-esque toolbar as it looks cool and 
differentiates, but tellingly, my gf hated it, so maybe I did it wrong 
or am just delusional.

The playlist contains some single tracks, and also a whole album that is 
"wrapped up". I envisage that you can somehow extract the tracks from it 
if you want to rearrange the order. You would get albums into the 
playlist by dragging and dropping the whole album. My thinking was that 
streams would also be "wrapped up", and streams would be 
displayed slightly differently too. We needn't have a philosophy that 
everything is a 'track' with Amarok 2.

The context browser is straight from the player, don't read too 
much into the layout, I haven't mocked that up, all that matters is the 
context browser is now always visible and not a browser.

Anyway, it'd be good to get feedback, and it would be even better if the 
  feedback contained reasoning for your opinion etc. Thanks,

No comments on my music taste please ;)


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