[wiki] installation howto(s)

Harald Sitter harald.sitter at kdemail.net
Tue Sep 12 19:46:18 UTC 2006

for anyone who wants to contribute some work for amarok:


is totally overloaded and needs some cleaning

* move solaris howto to own page (maybe Installation:Solaris_10)
* move SVN to own page (including all scripts etc. -- don't forget ebuild)
* check whether klik package is up-to-date - if it is -> move to 
download:various - if not -> remove
* overall better structure so that first-time-user gets a working amarok as 
fast as possible

might sound like more work than it actually is, so if you have some time, just 
go ahead - I always have a look at changes in the wiki, so it will get 
reviewed then

Harald Sitter      roKymotion team         harald.sitter at kdemail.net
amarok.kde.org     rokymotion.pwsp.net     apachelogger at kdetalk.net
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