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On 08/09/06, Ian Monroe <ian at> wrote:
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> Another newsletter, just to keep us all in sync.
> ==Amarok 2.0!==
> *There is a general consensus that after Amarok 1.4.4 is released that
> 1.4 should be stuck in a branch and Amarok 2.0 development should
> start.
> *Hooray!!!1
> *So the 1.4 branch will work like the 1.3 branch did, limited to bug
> fix releases.
> *I've written a wiki page that I hope everyone will take a look at and
> edit, summarizing some of the ideas for the "boring stuff" in 2.0 (eg
> non-interface):
> *Yippee!
> ==ATF to File Tracking==
> For those living under a rock, Amarok now uses the first 8k plus the
> tags plus the file size of a file to uniquely identify it instead of
> tagging it with a unique identifier.
> ==DAAP News==
> I just want to thank everyone for their help with my Google SoC
> project. Here's its current status in case your wondering or get asked
> about it:
> *The client works with iTunes, Firefly and Banshee. Its known not to
> work with Limewire.
> *KDE's Zeroconfig doesn't always work out so well. If users have
> problems, tell them to just use the "add host [+]" button and add
> hosts manually.
> *The server is currently using a Ruby library called Mongrel to do
> HTTP. However DAAP isn't really HTTP and iTunes makes some pretty
> bogus requests, so it doesn't work with iTunes. I've talked to the
> Mongrel dev, he may fix this. Otherwise ripping apart another Ruby
> library called Webrick will be necessary (or implementing our own HTTP
> server).
> ==Babies==
> Andy (mopoke of MTP fame) and Christie (dangle the rokymotioner and
> forum mod) are both having babies. But not with each other and its
> actually Andy's wife thats having the baby, just to be clear. ;) So
> congratulations to them both!
> ==Audiocrush==
> Audiocrush episode 28 came out today. Baaaaaaooooooop.
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