Second Amarok Development Newsletter

Ian Monroe ian at
Fri Sep 8 08:49:28 UTC 2006

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Another newsletter, just to keep us all in sync.

==Amarok 2.0!==
*There is a general consensus that after Amarok 1.4.4 is released that
1.4 should be stuck in a branch and Amarok 2.0 development should
*So the 1.4 branch will work like the 1.3 branch did, limited to bug
fix releases.
*I've written a wiki page that I hope everyone will take a look at and
edit, summarizing some of the ideas for the "boring stuff" in 2.0 (eg

==ATF to File Tracking==
For those living under a rock, Amarok now uses the first 8k plus the
tags plus the file size of a file to uniquely identify it instead of
tagging it with a unique identifier.

==DAAP News==
I just want to thank everyone for their help with my Google SoC
project. Here's its current status in case your wondering or get asked
about it:
*The client works with iTunes, Firefly and Banshee. Its known not to
work with Limewire.
*KDE's Zeroconfig doesn't always work out so well. If users have
problems, tell them to just use the "add host [+]" button and add
hosts manually.
*The server is currently using a Ruby library called Mongrel to do
HTTP. However DAAP isn't really HTTP and iTunes makes some pretty
bogus requests, so it doesn't work with iTunes. I've talked to the
Mongrel dev, he may fix this. Otherwise ripping apart another Ruby
library called Webrick will be necessary (or implementing our own HTTP

Andy (mopoke of MTP fame) and Christie (dangle the rokymotioner and
forum mod) are both having babies. But not with each other and its
actually Andy's wife thats having the baby, just to be clear. ;) So
congratulations to them both!

Audiocrush episode 28 came out today. Baaaaaaooooooop.

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