Bug in amarok

Andrew Turner andrewturner512 at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 8 09:37:17 UTC 2006

I find the most common cause for things like this is the Flash plugin
for Firefox, which only supports OSS and can block all ALSA output.
I'm not totally sure why that happens, but it does happen to me

Try closing Firefox (or any other applications you have running that
you think might be the cause) and seeing if that fixes your problem.
If it does you can try launching the application using "aoss" (eg
"aoss firefox") which is usually in the alsa-oss package on most
distributions. That may stop the application blocking ALSA.


On 08/09/06, Ian Monroe <ian at monroe.nu> wrote:
> On 9/7/06, Janek S. / killy9999 <fremenzone at poczta.onet.pl> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm having problem with recent versions of amarok and it seems like it's an
> > amarok bug, not my system fault (although I can be wrong). Sometimes (quite
> > often to be honest) when playing of a new song starts something goes wrong
> > and sound device becomes unavailable ("No sound output available. Device is
> > busy" - something like this, my translation from Polish). Also no other
> > aplications are able to play any sound and I have to restart my system to be
> > able to hear any sound again (we'll I can do 'cat /dev/urandom >> /dev/dsp'
> > and it produces sound, but that's not exactly what I want ). I don't know if
> > amarok has any logs of what he's doing. I wasn't able to find any.
> >
> > Here's some info about my system:
> > - Suse 10.0 64bit version
> > - kde 3.5.4 Level "a"
> > - Amarok 1.4.3-14.guru.suse100
> > - Amarok-xine 1.4.3-14.guru.suse100  (I'm using xine engine for output).
> > - sound module from alsa is ca0106 (for sound blaster audigy se).
> >
> > If any more info is needed just tell me and I'll try to provide it.
> I'm puzzled to be honest. That sound card does hardware mixing I would think.
> Ian Monroe
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