Ian Monroe ian at monroe.nu
Mon Sep 4 16:38:58 UTC 2006

On 9/4/06, Mark Kretschmann <markey at web.de> wrote:
> On Monday 04 September 2006 08:03, Ian Monroe wrote:
> Been discussing this with Seb on IRC: At this point we might as well just use
> trunk for the release. Cuz, by now we've piled up so many patches for 1.4.3,
> it is almost like trunk anyway. And trunk has the added advantage that it's
> actually somewhat tested by us (we use it), as opposed to a 1.4.2 with 20
> patches applied.

A crash that occurs with DAAP/zeroconf is

No idea what to do with it though!

Otherwise the DAAP client in its current state is fine for a release.

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