Moodbar not respecting amarok settings

Joe Rabinoff rabinoff at
Sun Sep 3 15:00:37 UTC 2006

I can't reproduce the problem.  I also don't have any guess as to what could 
be causing it -- the hidden-file moodbar code is extremely local (only about 
4 lines, all in one place).  Are *new* moodbar files being created with music 
with the Moods with Music setting off?  (Old ones will not be deleted when 
the box is un-checked; they're just copied over.)  In the debug output, is 
the wrong filename printed in "starting new analyzer process: " lines?  Does 
it get fixed if you check the box, apply, uncheck, apply?

Christie: your wish for a moodbar in the tooltip has been granted as of SVN 
580431 :)  Moodbars in the OSD will be forthcoming.


On Sunday 03 September 2006 05:22, Christie Harris wrote:
> With recent changes to moodbar files being stored as .filename.mood, the
> setting "store mood files with music" is not being respected. I do not have
> this checked, but the mood files are being created in the music
> directories.
> I'm assuming that it's revision 580126 that's the culprit...  could this be
> changed to respect the user's request to have mood files stored in the
> ~/.kde/share/amarok/mood/ directory? This is particularly important for
> people with readonly collections who still wish to use moodbar.
> Cheers, Christie
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