Amarok looses Part of Playlist when loging out.

thorsten kramer tho.kramer at
Sat Sep 2 15:15:18 UTC 2006


I have a little problem with Amarok (old an new versions...)

I use a Playlist with aproximate 3000 songs.
In the morning I boot the Computer (SuSE 10, autologin, ...)

At night I log out (KDE/ logoff / halt).

Next morning, the playlist sometimes contains all songs, sometime only
1000-1600 songs  (Amarok is set to "Save Playlist", because if I don't
do it, it starts with NO playlist)

just switching Power off helps, but if I do so, I hear the same song
every morning....  and it is not a clean way.


PS: Learning english, please correct me!

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