Potentially some Xine Engine bugs

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Sep 1 10:25:30 UTC 2006

Mark Kretschmann wrote:
>> It could perhaps suggest somewhere that crossfading requires hardware
>> mixing?
> Crossfading does _not_ require hardware mixing. It requires mixing. This can 
> be a hardware or software implementation. On Linux, ALSA automatically 
> provides software mixing via DMix as a fallback. Other operating systems 
> provide similar facilities.
> If this does not work right on your box, then your setup is simply broken. The 
> problem is not with Amarok. 

Interesting. All I did was follow the guide on the FAQ page:

Which appears to be down for me at the moment.

It just suggested setting up a ~/.asoundrc containing e.g.:
pcm.usb-audio {
   type plug
   slave.pcm "hw:1"

ctl.usb-audio {
    type hw
    card 1

and seeting the Mono/Stereo device to be called usb-audio.

I did that and it breaks as I described previously.

Can you point me to an ALSA guide as to why this doesn't work as I 
expect (I presume the problem is at the ALSA level).

If this is an ALSA setup problem then perhaps I can fix my distro's 
USB-Audio UDEV setup or something to make it work better....

I think the DMIX stuff works fine with the "default" card, but not with 
the second card. I've read on other lists (e.g. Ekiga) that default 
provides nice software mixing but "hw:0,0" does not.....


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