Possible Various Artist insights

Christie Harris dangle.baby at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 21:52:46 UTC 2006

I've just run into the problem that more and more people seem to be 
encountering, and started checking out the differences between files that 
could be part of the cause.

I noticed that the only difference between tracks from a particular album was 
the bitrate - is it possible this is being taken into consideration when 
determining whether to show an album under various artists or not?

In the example given in the two screenshots, the only track appearing under 
Various Artists is track 20, which was added to the collection at a later 
date. In an attempt to make things as similar as possible, I edited all 20 
tracks together, to make sure tags were the same, and used the 'organize' 
feature so they're all in the same location, with as close as possible to the 
same modification date.

That one track is still showing under various artists (mainly because I don't 
want to flag it with "do not show under various artists" until there's some 
feedback on this theory.

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