sort order of 'never played' playlist

Nick Tryon dhraak at
Sun Nov 26 18:16:23 UTC 2006

On 11/26/06, Micha <mw-u2 at> wrote:
> When adding the 'never played' play list, Amarok sorts the songs by
> artist name as far as I can tell. Usually that doesn't disturb except
> for albums with different artist. Although these tracks are shown under
>   one entry at the collection window (below the 'different artist'
> entry) they end up all over the playlist.
> I would prefer the 'never played' playlist to add them according to the
> sort order of the collection.
> Is this possible/complicated?

As for the order in which the tracks are added, I don't know.  The
Never Played smart playlist doesn't appear to be editable like the
user-created ones.
However, once you have loaded the smart playlist, you can sort it as
you would any other set of tracks in the main playlist by clicking on
the header of the column you want to use to sort.

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