sort order of 'never played' playlist

Micha mw-u2 at
Sun Nov 26 10:12:47 UTC 2006

First of all: Thank you for this fantastic program. I have showed it to 
many friends and several of them responded with: Why do they do that for 
free? Although when talking about Linux people have asked me that quite 
frequently nobody has ever asked me that when I showed him/her an 

When adding the 'never played' play list, amarok sorts the songs by 
artist name as far as I can tell. Usually that doesn't disturb except 
for albums with different artist. Although these tracks are shown under 
  one entry at the collection window (below the 'different artist' 
entry) they end up all over the playlist.

I would prefer the 'never played' playlist to add them according to the 
sort order of the collection.

Is this possible/complicated?

Thank you,

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