DB problems again

Rich rich at hq.vsaa.lv
Fri Nov 24 15:15:05 UTC 2006

migrated to mysql5 from mysql4 and using mysql version 5.0.24 ?
though this should not be a problem with latest amarok, i think...
there is a workaround for the problem i am thinking of that involves 
modifying the db, but if your mysql version is 5.0.24 and your amarok is 
not the latest version (1.4.4), try upgrading both of them.

Andreas Heinz wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> i could imagine what's this query for, but unfortunatly this doenst lead 
> me to a conclusion to where this mysql hang comes from.
> i just pasted this query into phpmyadmin and directly into mysql 
> console. both times it generated the same behavior: mysql server uses 
> 100% cpu and doesnt react anymore.
> i'm using mysql5, could that be an issue?
> thanks for your help,
> Andreas

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