DB problems again

Andreas Heinz andi at a80.net
Tue Nov 21 15:33:02 UTC 2006

Hi there,

after i posted recently my problems moving a nfs share. i'm now at that 
point that i want to insert a backup of the stats, but if i do and start 
amarok, amarok hangs at the start and tells me that it needs long to 
start, if maybe something ist wrong.

all the stats rows look like that one which amarok creates when i have 
an empty stats table and let amarok create a few new records, to test if 
amarok itself works. so the problem seems to be in the statsbackup.

all device id point to device id 2 with is connected to /. path is also 

btw the mysql server is fully loaded when amarok hangs, so it seems to 
be a db problem right? maybe somekind of query that's not correct?
unfortunatly i dont know how to tell, at which query amarok hangs.

maybe someone of you has a clue what the problem could be? :)

thanks again

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