mp3 file corruption?

Bonne Eggleston b.eggleston at
Sun Nov 19 12:08:42 UTC 2006

Hi all,
I had a problem a few months ago which I thought could have been Amarok 
related (but I couldn't properly report it because I was overseas and my main 
computer was in storage). 
Just before ATF was made default in a release I was running Amarok svn and 
enabled ATF for my collection. I think at that point ATF actually put a tag 
in the files with a UID in it. I had my collection on my iPod and had Amarok 
pointed at the mounted directory, so it could scan through the obscure iPod 
folders and have the music in the collection (I know a little non-standard, 
but it meant I could use the collection features). 
After the first scan with ATF I noticed some of my mp3s had blips and skips in 
them. Usually entire albums. 
Anyway now that I'm back I can confirm that the problem is real (since my 
original collection doesn't have these problems). 
I searched the mailing list and noticed that some others had this around the 
same time, but mainly ogg files. I think bug 131353 reports this problem. 

I just wanted to check that this problem was real, and that it has been fixed. 

Bonne Eggleston

p.s. Sorry for not reporting it at the time, but I was unsure if it was a real 
problem, and I didn't have time to investigate properly. 

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